Poverty Solutions Group is committed to sustainable poverty reduction.

Poverty Solutions Group (PSG) is a Central Florida collaborative organization committed to sustainable poverty reduction. Based on emerging best practices, PSG empowers individuals and households to achieve economic stability and engages the broader community to address systemic barriers that perpetuate community-wide poverty.

PSG seeks a different strategy—poverty reduction. This is done by not only focusing on individual change but also working on community and systemic change. We believe that this three-pronged approach is a way to reduce poverty in a significant way—in a way that our country has not been able to do for more than a generation.

Meet the PSG team

Lynette Fields

Executive Director

Lynette Fields comes to PSG with over 30 years of cross-community work experience. She has a B.A. in Pre-theology from the University of Evansville and a Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan. She is excited about being a part of an emerging movement across the country that is shifting the conversation and work from poverty management to poverty reduction. 

Addie Hartnett

Regional Coach

Addie Hartnett has a Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work from Florida State University with a focus on Social Policy and Program Administration. Addie has 10 years of experience in human services and development specifically with a focus on homelessness, youth development, family violence, LGBTQ+ inclusion, community development, poverty reduction and social equity and inclusivity.

Catalina Urquiaga

Americorps VISTA Partnership Coordinator

Catalina Urquiaga is originally from Colombia and Florida has been her home for the last 25 years. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and an Associate in Business Administration. Her passion is teaching which lead her to decide to stay home and homeschool her children while also doing various projects in the community and with her church. Catalina was in the first Cohort for Circles West Orange and is now serving at Poverty Solutions Group through the AmeriCorps VISTA program.

Shelley Cohen McKittrick

Community Engagement Coordinator

Shelley McKittrick holds Masters’ Degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Nonprofit Management. In her younger years she was a folk singer, bar tender and respiratory therapist. She comes to PSG with over 30 years of experience in providing advocacy and social services focused on the HIV/AIDS and homeless communities. She has been a board member for several organizations including AIDS, Medicine and Miracles, Women Alive, Los Angeles and most recently the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative. Shelley is a passionate ally and advocate, walking along side those with lived experience of, and working toward, social, racial, economic, and LGBTQ+ justice.

Board of Directors

"Poverty is a causal issue. So many other community and global concerns are rooted in poverty--homelessness, hunger, disease, etc. If we can reduce poverty, we can impact many other issues."
– Lynette Fields

Lynette Fields

Executive Director at Poverty Solutions Group

"Poverty is a vicious cycle that creates many challenges for families and children and can continue to have multi-generational impacts until it is broken. I am energized to be part of a team that is working so diligently to drive solutions that address the systemic challenges of poverty at its core within the Central Florida community."
– Jim Dobson

Jim Dobson

Partner, The Poirier Group

" Rather than a traditional model of giving that often results in perpetuating poverty, PSG facilitates sustainable change. "
– Kathy Craven

Kathy Craven

Program Director, Media Communications Bachelor of Science, Full Sail University

" Having the opportunity to experience the COPE event allowed me to ask about the different ways I can be of service and impact on a program that I wished I had experienced years ago. I believe that PSG is on the right path to assist the community and their needs. "
– Maria Hernandez

Maria Hernandez

Retail Branch Manager, Woodforest National Bank

" I grew up in poverty. Education was my way out and yet education is not an option for everyone. PSG focuses on reducing poverty in a way that is sustainable while also addressing systemic barriers that promote poverty and enlighten the missing link... Why I was born into poverty. I serve on the PSG Board to enhance our ability as an organization to eradicate the multi-systemic structures that promote poverty in the first place. "
– Joshua A. Torres Hassett

Joshua A. Torres Hassett

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center

" Poverty Solutions Group brings people together who are passionate about reducing poverty so individuals and families can go from just getting by to exuding the pride and confidence that comes with stability. "
– Dawn Fleming

Dawn Fleming

Director of Talent Acquisition at Ariat International

" I want to be a part of solving poverty because my faith teaches me that all people have dignity and are worthy of love and respect, and I want all people to be free from systems, stigmas, and situations that hold them back. "
– Rev. David Killingsworth

Rev. David Killingsworth

Co-Pastor at First United Methodist Church of Sanford

" As the mixed-ethnicity child of a single mother growing up in and out of poverty and homelessness, I know that people are not their circumstances. My story, while one of hard work, is also a story of extraordinary luck. I believe we can do better than luck when it comes to people's futures, and I want to serve PSG because their model of impacting the world matches that belief. "
– Dr. Dan Jurman, DMin

Dr. Dan Jurman, DMin

Partner, The Poirier Group

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– Jeremy Hugley

Jeremy Hugley

Founder of Worthy of Belonging

" I feel called to do hands-on work in helping to find solutions to break the cycle and to help those who may feel society has forgotten. "
– Alice Williams

Alice Williams

Owner at Williams Consulting of Florida, LLC, HR Professional

" Having experienced poverty myself, I understand how it can affect one’s daily life, especially emotionally. No one speaks about emotional poverty. Joining forces with PSG allows me the opportunity to bring my lived experiences and proven solutions to caring leaders, children and families everywhere. "
– Shequila Roberts

Shequila Roberts

Founder of Determine Now & Executive Director of Meditate With SHE

" Worrying about food, or rent, or transportation, adequate healthcare, or housing, or whom you choose to love should never be - and that's why I've made it my mission to join and be a leader in this type of Movement. "
– Chevalier Lovett

Chevalier Lovett

Chief Operating Officer at Florida Rising

Inaugural Board

– Chantel L. Aquart

Chantel L. Aquart

Life Advancement Skills Coach & Organizing Strategist

– Sally Lorenz

Sally Lorenz

Business Owner of Sally Lorenz & Associates Bookkeeping Solutions for Business

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– Rev. Jose Nieves

Rev. Jose Nieves

Pastor at First United Methodist Church of Kissimmee

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– Ann F. Manley

Ann F. Manley

Retired After 45 Years Nonprofit Management Experience in Central Florida

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